How to get your flu vaccination

The flu vaccination is the best way to protect yourself against flu, and this year it is even more important that you get the flu vaccine if you are eligible. This is because having flu and coronavirus at the same time increases your risk of becoming more seriously ill.

Many people with a learning disability and their carers are among the people who are eligible to receive the free flu vaccination ahead of the coming flu season. You can contact your GP or pharmacist to book an appointment today. You can also request that they make reasonable adjustments for people with learning disabilities to help with the appointment. Speak to your practice or pharmacy to see how they can help.

You can find more information on getting the flu vaccination this year from this easy read poster and two videos the flu vaccination a guide for parents and carers of people with a learning disability and flu vaccinations for people with a learning disability

You can also visit the NHS flu vaccination page for further information, including more details about who should receive the vaccination.

Due to high demand for the flu vaccine this year, there may be some delays getting a vaccination appointment. However, your GP surgery or pharmacy should be able to tell you when more appointments will be available.

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