Learning Disability England

Learning Disability England exists to make life better with people with Learning Disabilities and their families. We are a not for profit membership organisation bringing together people with learning disabilities, families, professionals and organisations.

Membership is open to any person, organisation or group that supports Learning Disability England’s aims and wants to be part of making them happen.

The aims are:

1. What is important to people with Learning Disabilities is heard and understood:

We work to influence policy makers, providers and commissioners to understand and act on what really matters to people with learning disabilities and their families (not only in health and social care). We help people with learning disabilities speak for themselves raising their profile in society in general showing people as citizens living ordinary lives

2. There is a change in behaviour in service design and delivery that builds on rights

We help policy makers, providers and commissioners of services work in ways that people with Learning disabilities say are the best or most important

3. Demonstrate coproduction and real collaborative working making a difference

We are working to show how the 3 groups in the membership can work together to solve long standing problems or make a difference together. We support people with learning disabilities being in positions where they can speak truth to power or are decision makers themselves

4. Live our values and model the change we want

We try to build trust through strong networks and to share power and influence through all parts of LDE. We will help other people and organisations change how they work by being open and honest about how LDE works, the problems and the successes so others can see what is possible or ask us what we are learning

Our partnerships include the JMS Trust. JMS Trust supports disabled people and their families to set up their own supported living. They do this through offering information, advice and funding. Find out more https://www.supportedlivingfunding.co.uk/

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We charge annual membership fees if you wish to become a member. Membership is paid for from £12 per year for an individual to larger amounts for organisations. Please click on the link at the bottom of this page under 'Related links' to find out more about how much membership costs and how to sign up for it.


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We provide a national service.

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