Educational Psychologists

Educational Psychologists (EPS)  are trained to carry out a range of activities that promote the wellbeing, learning and development of children through to young adults (0-25 years of age).

Our work is about applying psychology to bring about positive change in situations and relationships. This can happen through consultation with parents and professionals, observation, assessment and intervention, training and research.

How can I get in touch with an Educational Psychologist?

In the first instance, it is important to talk to the staff in the education setting to discuss your child at an early stage and to seek advice.

If you have a general query or need to contact the Educational Psychologist who has seen your child, please contact our Business Support in either Patchway or Kingswood hub.  

Local Offer Information

Local Offer Age Bands
0-4 (Early Years)
4-11 (Primary school)
11-16 (Secondary school)
14-18 (Transition to adults)
18-25 (Young adults)
Needs Level
SEN Provision Type
Targeted service
Specialist service