Kingswood Children's Centre

Wards served

Hanham, Kings Chase, Rodway, Siston, Staple Hill and Woodstock. 

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Please contact your local Children’s Centre or message us via the South Gloucestershire Council children's centre Facebook Page for up to date information about support and groups available.

What is available for families in Children’s Centres? 

Activities and support at the Centres are developed around the needs of families and the local community – examples may include: 

  • Parenting support, including group parenting programmes for children 0 – 5 years
  • Breast feeding support.
  • Support for families experiencing hardship or poverty
  • Advice around topics affecting families experiencing domestic abuse
  • Advice and support for families where children have additional needs
  • Support for local families in finding groups and activities in their local neighbourhood
  • Advice to access adult learning & community learning
  • Advice on local support groups
  • Support to access Post-natal groups
  • Information and referrals to local Foodbanks

Contact details

Contact name:
Denise Stevenson
01454 864144
Hollow Road
Kingswood Bristol South Gloucestershire BS15 9TP
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