Carers Support Centre - Bristol and South Glos

Carers Support Centre - Bristol and South Glos provides a range of services for carers of all ages including:

CarersLine - A confidential telephone support line providing information and advice on benefits and finance, getting a break, and accessing health and social care services. Carers Line opening hours Mon - Fri 10am - 1pm and Mon - Thurs 2pm - 4pm

Carers Emergency Card - If a carer has an accident/emergency or is taken seriously ill, carrying this card will ensure the safety of the person they care for. Carers Assessments Help with getting an assessment. This allows carers to get help and support for themselves and the person they care for. Carers can contact CarersLine or ask for an assessment through their GP practice.

Carers News - Three times a year covering all aspects of caring. One-to-one support Carers Support Officers provide in-depth one-to-one support to individual carers. This includes emotional support, information, advice and advocacy. We can help with form filling and applying for specific benefits. Carers support and activity groups A safe, confidential space to meet with other carers to share information and give support to each other. We also run social activity groups; eg craft and supper clubs.

Breaks for Carers (South Gloucestershire) - A regular sitter keeps the person looked after company, so that their carer can take a break.

Hospital support Information and support for carers in hospital, and help with discharge planning.

Training for carers and professionals - Practical training for carers through workshops and courses eg Caring with Confidence, Understanding Dementia and Caring for those in the Later Stages of Life.

Carer awareness training for health and social care professionals and employers. Support for learning difficulties carers Support, information, advice and advocacy for carers of adults with learning difficulties. Includes information workshops, training, newsletter.

Support for parent carers in Bristol Services for parent carers with a child 18 years old or under, include emotional support, a support group for parent carers, help with benefits and information on accessing services. Support for young carers Supporting children and young people aged 8 to 18 in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Services include time off and fun, clubs, support groups, trips away, days out and holidays. One-to-one support and information and advice for the whole family. Young adult carers A group for carers aged 18-25 living in Bristol and South Glos, including those who attend college or university locally.

Carers in employment Support for carers to get back into work and for those currently working, to stay in employment. Carer involvement Support for carers to get their voices heard, so they can influence health and social care provision.

GP practice team We have a dedicated team which supports GP practices in Bristol and South Gloucestershire to identify, inform and support all carers, including carers of people with dementia.

For information on any of our services contact us on CarersLine: 0117 965 2200