Neighbours Connect Southmead

Neighbours Connect Southmead is a project tackling loneliness and isolation. It is a partnership project with Adult Social Care to explore a new approach in how we care for vulnerable members of our community. With 40% of all older people saying that television is their main source of company, we need to start doing things differently.

We think that a strong community is one that is connected to each other, where neighbours look out for each other and where people feel part of things. Neighbours Connect Southmead encourages this through the careful and considered pairing of volunteers with members of our community.

We match volunteers with isolated members of our community to spend time together; either in their home or out in the community. Examples of activities might include:

  • chatting and drinking tea
  • playing cards, board games, pool etc.
  • attending a local group or club together
  • driving someone to the doctors

We aim to match participants and volunteers based on their interests and commonalities. In this way, the project is tailored to the individual and offers the opportunity for genuine relationships to be formed. 

Click here to find out about becoming a Volunteer Community Supporter with Neighbours Connect Southmead.