Community learning and skills service

Our Vision Statement

Overcoming Barriers, Stretching Minds.

Building resilience and skills for today and tomorrow.

Strengthening community cohesion.

Our Aims

We want our learners and clients to:

  • set goals towards their personal aspirations and recognise and value their achievements
  • improve skills and gain qualifications in order to access employment or develop career prospects
  • enjoy opportunities to make new connections and engage with others
  • grow in confidence so that they can engage effectively and contribute to their communities
  • inspire their families and friends with the pleasure and value of learning
  • see learning as a positive experience and life long journey
  • seek to continually develop and extend their skills, knowledge and understanding within their communities and workplaces
  • develop positive routines and approaches which transfer to future learning or work
  • be able to make informed choices about their next steps through high quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Our Values

We work in partnership with our clients and learners built on shared goals because we believe:

Everyone has something of value to contribute.

Everyone should feel welcome and included in our services.

Education and skills make a difference, improving the lives of individuals, families and communities.

Community Learning and Skills service

The community learning and skills service team provide learning opportunities for eligible adults to improve their skills and qualifications. 

We also provide access to courses for people with disabilities and health conditions.

Learn basic online skills for free at a South Gloucestershire centre.

Other Details

South Gloucestershire Council accredited service
Direct payments

Local Offer Information

Local Offer Age Bands
18-25 (Young adults)
Needs Level
SEN Provision Type
Universal service

Contact details

01454 864613