Learning Partnership West

We support children and young people to overcome barriers to engagement through a relentless  approach to care and personalised programmes . LPW is a community interest company so every penny goes into our work with children, young people, families and communities.

What we do

LPW Independent School is a full-time alternative education provider for young people for whom mainstream education has not worked. We focus on children and young people’s personal and social development and re-engage them with education, ensuring they gain qualifications and move forward into further education, training or employment.

LPW re-engagement school support packages are designed to build children and young people’s resilience, improve school attendance, support progress and attainment. We know that learning is a relational activity and therefore offer personalised interventions with an attachment theory approach.

LPW community outreach programmes provide safe spaces for children and young people to learn valuable life skills, build resilience, self-esteem and confidence and to access specialist help to overcome entrenched life challenges and trauma, and develop strategies to manage their lives.