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Breastfeeding your baby

Short summary:

Breastfeeding is recognised internationally as the best way to provide babies with complete nutrition until they are about 6 months old as well as supporting good emotional development between baby and mother. Page contents: Breastfeeding worries or concerns What extra support for breastfeeding is available…

Post-birth contraception

Short summary:

It's possible to become pregnant again very soon after the birth of a baby, even if you're breastfeeding and even if your periods have not returned. You usually release an egg (ovulate) about 2 weeks before your period starts, so it's possible to get pregnant before you…

School clothing grants

Short summary:

If you need help with the cost of essential school clothing we have the following support available. School clothing grant To receive a school clothing grant you must be in receipt of: Child Tax Credit, provided you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and…