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Learning and development service

Short summary:

The council’s central learning and development service co-ordinates a wide range of training and e-learning programmes. These are available to many different organisations and workforces that provide services within South Gloucestershire. As well as council employees, staff working in local independent, voluntary and private sector agencies in…

Support for carers

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A carer is someone who provides unpaid care for a family member, partner or friend. Carers can receive help and support which is beneficial for their health and wellbeing, their relationship with the person they care for, and can help sustain the caring relationship for…

Education other than at school (EOTAS)

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Alternative provision or ‘Education Other Than at School (EOTAS)’ can be arranged by local authorities or schools for children who don’t attend mainstream school for reasons such as exclusion, school refusal, medical conditions or illness.  Page contents: Local authority education other than at school   Education in hospital  Local authority education other than at school   Alternative provision for children who are…

School clothing grant

Short summary:

South Gloucestershire council provides in exceptional circumstances an essential school clothing grant to help parents on low incomes purchase school clothes for their child. To receive a school clothing grant you must be in receipt of: Child Tax Credit, provided you are not entitled to…

Find secondary schools

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Choosing a secondary school is an important decision that you and your child will have to make.  Before you decide on choosing a school arrange to visit your local secondary schools to get a feel for their ethos and their values.  During the autumn term,…

The Virtual School

Short summary:

The South Gloucestershire Virtual School team is responsible for raising the educational standards of South Gloucestershire’s looked-after children.  The school is virtual in the sense that it is not a physical school building that students actually attend.   The Virtual School team works in partnership with you and your child, early years settings, schools, colleges, universities and social workers.  They ensure that your child’s education is…

Missing persons

Short summary:

In all missing persons cases it is advised that you first try to establish contact with the person and ascertain where they are and actively look for them. If you continue to be concerned that they are missing contact the police and file a missing…