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Stop smoking support

Short summary:

Quitting smoking can be a challenging experience, but you shouldn’t have to go it alone.  Whether it’s your peers or trained professionals, there is plenty of support available to help you stop smoking for good. Details of local smoke free services, stop smoking aids and…

Support for stroke survivors

Short summary:

We support people who are recovering from a stroke and their carers with a range of projects and activities.​ Many services and activities are free and do not require an assessment from adult care. Bristol after stroke Bristol after stroke (BAS) offers support, advice, information, counselling,…

Sleep support

Short summary:

Sleeping well helps us to be happy and healthy. Most adults need between six and nine hours of sleep each night.  There are lots of helpful tips for a good night’s sleep on the NHS webpage, including being active during the day, avoiding caffeine after 5pm…

Carers assessments

Short summary:

As a carer, you would benefit from a Carers Assessment.  These assessments are useful as they give you the opportunity to reflect on your caring role and identify areas where you may need support for your own health and wellbeing. This may include linking you…

Peer support groups

Short summary:

Carers groups offer opportunities to meet with other carers, have a chance to chat and share issues and to find out more about the support available to you and the person you care for. Some groups are tailored to suit carers of people with certain…