Healthy relationships for adults

Relationships are important and should be equal, supportive, safe and free from pressure or violence.  In short, they should be healthy.  However, sometimes people do not enjoy the relationship they are in and feel under pressure to do things they do not want to do or make decisions they do not want to make.  These relationships can be unhealthy.

Domestic abuse

In 2014 the police recorded over 64,000 sexual offences relating to intimate partner violence or abuse.  The following organisations all provide a range of information and resources if you, or someone you know, is affected by domestic abuse:

A full range of support services for people in South Gloucestershire, who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse, are provided by Next Link.

What to do in an emergency

If  you, or someone you know, are being threatened or are in danger, you should phone the police (999) straight away.

What to do if you have experienced sexual assault or rape

If you have experienced sexual assault or rape there are people who can provide support, advice and a safe place to go.  The following are Bristol-based services that also support people in South Gloucestershire:

You can also speak to a local organisation.