Workplace wellbeing for local employers in South Gloucestershire

Creating working cultures that are supportive of and help to maintain the mental and physical health of staff has positive outcomes for everyone. It helps to attract and retain happy employees, reduces absences, and increases productivity.

Outlined below are sources of Information and advice available to support all employers and their employees in South Gloucestershire.

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Local and national wellbeing schemes for workplaces

Signing up to one of these schemes can help you implement wellbeing policy and practices throughout your workplace.

Wellbeing Charter- Health at Work

The West of England Good Employment Charter

Workplace Wellbeing Index-Mind

Mental Wellbeing

The mental wellbeing of employees can have a big impact on a workplace. It is important to have a culture through your business that is open, and employees feel comfortable talking about their mental wellbeing. These conversations are not always the easiest to have as a manager but here are some resources to help.

Support available for managers

Support available for staff

Physical Wellbeing

The connection between mental and physical health and the importance of a healthy lifestyle are well documented. With the pace of change in society and at work, physical wellbeing is more important than ever in helping us stay resilient and able to meet the challenges of the day head-on. By promoting activities which are good for physical wellbeing, you can help keep your workforce healthy, drive engagement and reduce absences.

One You South Gloucestershire is the perfect tool to support your employees to look after their physical wellbeing. Access our range of helpful support and resources by visiting the links below;

  • Manage your Weight: For information about maintaining a healthy weight, healthy eating and food support.
  • Move More: For information about walking groups, running groups and resources to help get you more active. 
  • Quit Smoking: For information about local smokefree services, stop smoking aids and other tools and resources.
  • Drink Less: For advice about cutting back on alcohol, alongside information on available treatment options.
  • Check your Health: For information about the NHS Health Check programme, alongside other self-care apps and resources.