Support available when leaving hospital

The hospital has a duty of care to make sure you have the support you need when you leave to return home.

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Support to leave hospital 

When you are ready to leave hospital, the hospital staff will discuss with you what support you had on the ward and what support you will need for your discharge (being released from hospital).  See the article being discharged from hospital.  

 This support can range from:  

  • Equipment to help you complete tasks safely, for example a walking aid or having your chair raised 
  • Informal support that may be provided by family, friends or a neighbour happy to help you once you are back at home  
  • Volunteer services such as the British Red Cross who can help you to rebuild your confidence and support you to access your local community   
  • Short term health or social care support services also known as intermediate care services, or reablement  which is a free service for 1-6 weeks that focuses on agreed goals to help you regain your confidence and independence
  • Carers Support Centre, The Home to Decide and Next Steps to Decide services. See below for more information.

Carers Support Centre

Hospital Carers Liaison Workers work with the BRI, Southmead and South Bristol Community Hospital to support discharge for family members looking after someone who is being discharged from hospital.  For contact details visit the Carers Support Centre website.

Home to Decide service

The Home to Decide team provides a service to South Gloucestershire residents who are ready to leave hospital. The service allows for discharge from hospital without a Social Care assessment. The service can only be arranged by a health or social care professional and it is not possible to self-refer to this service. The service focuses on individual strengths and works directly with the person to prepare a plan to promote a return to their previous level of independence. The service lasts for a maximum of 6 weeks, or will end sooner if previous levels of independence are reached.

Preparing to leave hospital  

How long it takes to leave hospital will depend on how soon the ward can arrange for your medication to be prepared, and if you will need any support. This is dependent upon the type of support service you need, some start within 24 hours, others can take a few days to set up.  You should ask the ward to write the date down so you can let people know.      

Rehabilitation units in South Gloucestershire  

If the ward feels that you are medically well enough to leave hospital, but you are not ready to go back to your own home, they may suggest you go into a step down rehabilitation unit. This ensures you can continue to have 24 hour support from health care professionals as well as gaining your independence.  

Step Down Rehabilitation units in South Gloucestershire are run by Sirona care & health:

You may be required to move to an alternative rehabilitation unit within Bath, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire.  

You may no longer need to be in an acute hospital bed but may still require care services assessment for longer term care and support needs.  Assessments are undertaken in the most appropriate setting and at the right time for the person.

Transport to get home 

Hospital ward staff will tell you when you can make your own arrangements to go home.  If you do not have someone to collect you, or you cannot safely get in or out of a car, the ward will arrange hospital transport for you.