Child in car safety

It is the drivers responsibility to make sure children are securely belted in when travelling by car. This includes making sure a child under twelve years of age or under 135cm in height are using the correct child restraint. 

i-Size are the regulations for child car seats, further information on this can be found on the GOV.UK website. Parents should familiarise themselves with the requirements to keep their children safe.  

  • The age, weight and height of your child should be used to ensure you are using the correctly fitted seat. 
  • your child should be kept rear facingfor as long as possible.  Isofix seats should be used which are easier to fit 
  • your child is protected from side impact 
  • greater protection is given to your child’s head, neck, and vital organs 

Free car seat checks 

Our road safety team hold free child car seat checks. Come along to make sure that your car seat is fitted correctly. 

Upcoming check days

  • None at present

Further training and resources

CarSeatSmarter is a free online course made up of 6 short films and a quiz. It takes less than 45 minutes to complete and will help you to keep your child safe when travelling in a car.

Group presentations

We can give presentations on child car seat safety to groups with a minimum of 10 people.

If you are interested contact us at