First contact scheme

The First Contact scheme helps people who are over 60 years old access a range of information and services to live independently at home and be more mobile.

It allows agencies to complete a simple checklist with the older person they are routinely visiting, or coming into contact with. The checklist helps to identify if a person will benefit from the other services offered under the First Contact scheme. The referral will be passed to the relevant agency, to contact the older person directly and to deliver the appropriate services.

The scheme encourages take up of services through trusted and known professionals and/or volunteers, who can explain the positive side of seeking help and the types of service available. The scheme uses a simple, quick and easy checklist of questions, which enables staff and volunteers to ascertain the needs of the person. The checklist is completed by the agency which first has contact with the older person. It is usually completed by the member of staff or volunteer from the agency, with the help of the older person.

You can also complete the form yourself by: