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The South Gloucestershire falls service

The South Gloucestershire Falls service (the falls service) is an emergency rapid response service that can attend if you have a fall and help you to get back up.  The falls service provides a timely response and can prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.

To access the falls service you have to subscribe to South Gloucestershire Council’s Telecare service.

If you have a fall and press your pendant alarm a call centre will answer your call and will assess your situation to ensure that you do not require urgent medical attention.  If an emergency medical response is not required, the call centre may be able to contact the South Gloucestershire falls service for assistance. 

Subject to availability emergency rapid responders from the falls service can visit you to assess your situation and if appropriate will assist you back up.  The responders may use a Raizer chair, this is an easy system that can be built around you whilst you are on the floor to assist you in to a seated or perched standing position. Please note that the falls service is not available at night and is dependent upon the availability of our Responders and specialist lifting equipment.

Using the falls service

The falls service is available to people who have subscribed to South Gloucestershire Council’s Telecare service.  See our article on Assistive Technology for more details on pendant alarms.

Paying for the service

The falls service is available to subscribers to the South Gloucestershire Telecare service. Following a response from the falls service, a referral for a care assessment may be recommended.  The assessment will identify any care services or voluntary agencies that could help you to stay safe and independent in your home. Some of these services may be chargeable. 

Further information on care services,voluntary services and help at home can be found in the Home care and Support services and help at home articles.


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