Learning difficulties development fund (LDDF)

This article provides information on the work of the Learning Difficulties Development Fund and the projects it supports.

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Learning Difficulties Development Fund (LDDF) and Valuing People Now Projects 2022 to 2023

The Learning Difficulties Development Fund is money given by the Learning Difficulties Partnership Board (LDPB) to projects and groups that support people with learning difficulties and the work of the Valuing People Now project.  The aim of the funding is to help people who have learning difficulties with things like:

  • personalisation
  • employment and education
  • housing and support
  • transport
  • crime and safety
  • health and wellbeing

The LDDF fund is £100,000 which we share between all successful projects.

How we monitor our funded projects

Our LDPB has a co-chairperson who is part of our Community Care and Housing Department. Their role is to get people involved in the work of the partnership board and ensure our pledge to support the aims of the Valuing People Now Paper of 2001.

They monitor any project that has been given money from the LDDF fund to make sure that they do the work they promised.

Funded projects for 2021 to 2022

These projects will run from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.

Brandon Trust

Elm Tree Farm Shop

The project gives people with learning difficulties the chance to work at the Elm Tree Farm Shop (a sustainable enterprise serving the local community).  Training will be provided and the work is paid.

Read more on the Elm Tree Farm website.

Design 4 Life Ltd

Accessible Technology

A community support service for people with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD).

The LDDF has given funding so they can have an accessible technology table. This can be used by adults using the service to help them communicate their health and wellbeing choices to their family, carers and health professionals.

Read more about this technology on the design4life website.

KeyRing Living Support Network

Top to toe ‘our health matters’

This project provides workshops on specific health topics to educate people with learning difficulties on their own health and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. These will take place across South Gloucestershire.

Read more on the KeyRing website.

Step and Stone

Unlocking Confidence

Step and Stone are a community interest bakery who want to support people with learning difficulties into work. Working at the bakery people with learning difficulties can develop new skills and confidence.

Read more on the Step and Stone website.

Swan Advocacy

Be Heard in South Glos

Be Heard in South Glos is a self and peer advocacy project for people with learning difficulties.

The project will include:

  • self-advocacy workshops
  • peer-advocacy groups
  • one-to-one advocacy ‘coaching’
  • accessible self-advocacy toolkits
  • advocacy training to other organisations and agencies (non-instructed)

The project aims to empower people with learning difficulties to become more independent and develop self and peer advocacy skills.

Read more about Swan Advocacy on their website.

Funded projects for 2022/23 

The LDPB gave over 100,000 in funding to eight projects this year. The details are below: 

Circles South West- Circles of Support and Accountability

Circles South West work closely with the statutory agencies to ensure that those at risk of causing sexual harm are monitored and supported to lead offence free lives. Additionally, they provide Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) to meet the needs of adults with learning disabilities who have either been convicted of sexual offences or who have been displaying harmful sexual behaviour. Awarded £18,000 

Inclusive Change at Work

Inclusive Change at Work exists to address inequalities faced by autistic and other neurodivergent individuals in the workplace (ND conditions include autism, AD(H)D, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and Tourette’s syndrome). Awarded £20,000 

WECIL- Know Your Rights Community Connections

The Know Your Rights group will help design an online tool that will be used by the whole learning disability community in South Gloucestershire to safely talk to each other and share ideas and information. Awarded £12,412 

Read more about WECIL on their website.

Organic Blooms- Organic Blooms Goes Edible

A new micro enterprise which is designed from the outset for people with support needs, based around the harvesting and packing of fresh cut herbs and edible flowers for a national contract with Abel and Cole. Awarded £19,514 

Read more about Organic Blooms on their website.

Milestones Trust- Music Train

The main purpose of The Music Train is to provide free live music in the afternoons to various groups of people who find it difficult to access live music events which often take place in the evening or weekends. Awarded £14,764 

North Somerset People First- Poo Matters in South Gloucestershire

Constipation affects up to half of all people with learning difficulties. At its worst, constipation can kill. For many it can cause pain and affect a person’s physical and mental health. North Somerset People First will run educational workshops created for individuals, carers and professionals. Awarded £15,000 

The Hive- Relationships and Sexual Health Course

To run two relationship and sexual health training courses during the financial year with half the places on each course guaranteed to South Gloucestershire residents. Read more about The Hive on their website. Awarded £6,700 

Milestones Trust- Warmley Wheelers

Request to extend opening to include the winter months (December – February). Awarded £3,036

Read more about Milestones Trust on their website.