Learning difficulties development fund (LDDF)

This article provides information on the work of the Learning Difficulties Development Fund and the projects it supports.

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Learning Difficulties Development Fund (LDDF) and Valuing People Now Projects 2023 to 2024

The Learning Difficulties Development Fund is money given by the Learning Difficulties Partnership Board (LDPB) to projects and groups that support people with learning difficulties and the work of the Valuing People Now project.  The aim of the funding is to help people who have learning difficulties with things like:

  • personalisation
  • employment and education
  • housing and support
  • transport
  • crime and safety
  • health and wellbeing

The LDDF fund is £100,000 which we share between all successful projects.

How we monitor our funded projects

Our LDPB has a co-chairperson who is part of our Community Care and Housing Department. Their role is to get people involved in the work of the partnership board and ensure our pledge to support the aims of the Valuing People Now Paper of 2001.

They monitor any project that has been given money from the LDDF fund to make sure that they do the work they promised.

Funded projects for 2023/24 

The LDPB gave over £77,445 in funding to 7 projects this year. The details are below:

Circles South West- Circles of Support and Accountability

Circles South West work closely with the statutory agencies to ensure that those at risk of causing sexual harm are monitored and supported to lead offence free lives. Additionally, they provide Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) to meet the needs of adults with learning disabilities who have either been convicted of sexual offences or who have been displaying harmful sexual behaviour. Awarded £12,000

Empowering Futures

Is a small care farm which provides a holistic approach to empower people, build confidence and support the learning of new skills using different activities and the outdoors. Awarded £10,080

Milestones Trust- Music Train

The main purpose of The Music Train is to provide free live music in the afternoons to various groups of people who find it difficult to access live music events which often take place in the evening or weekends. Awarded £15,000

The Hive- Peer Support Programme

The aim of the Peer Support Programme is to work with autistic adults and those with learning disabilities and their families and carers in South Gloucestershire to enable a greater number of people to live more independent lives. Awarded £7,040

Read more about  The Hive  on their website.

Milestones Trust- Warmley Wheelers

The aim of Warmley Wheelers is to provide cycling opportunities for people with supported needs and health conditions. They will be open on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, throughout December – February. Awarded £2,738

Read more about Milestones Trust on their website.

PROPS- Project 769

The aim of PROPS-Project 769 is to build a café and enterprise hub, which is designed to train and employ the adults with learning disabilities we currently support each week. 

This project will be immediately available to our trainees and become available to trainees on our waiting list in South Gloucestershire as capacity and needs build. Awarded £18,587

Step and Stone – Living the Life

The aim of Step and Stone is to help people with learning disabilities/difficulties to live their lives to the fullest, as well as developing skills and confidence, encouraging friendships and independent travel. Awarded £12,000

Read more about Step and stone on their website.