Drug treatment

Within South Gloucestershire Developing Health and Independence (DHI) are the commissioned drug and alcohol treatment providers available to all residents over the age of 18, needing help or advice around their own use of drugs and/or alcohol or if they have concerns above some else's use.

Developing Health and Independence will be able to signpost you to other organisations who can also offer support with other aspects of life that may impact your use of drugs or alcohol.

Developing Health and Independence (DHI) assessments and referrals

The DHI service is confidential and encourages self-referrals.  However, anyone can refer with the consent of the person who needs the support.  It is helpful if both the individual needing support and those supporting make the call together. 

Individuals and professionals can refer via phone, on the numbers below, where you'll be asked some questions by the DHI triage team, about your use of drugs and alcohol, to help put you in touch with the right team.

They will then discuss the next steps with you, which may be a comprehensive assessment over the phone with a DHI treatment worker.  This further contact is within 15 days of the initial referral and can be completed over the phone, or a face-to-face appointment arranged.

In order for your individual needs to be met, please advice the DHI triage team of anything that you feel will help to support your engagement with the service.

Support offered can range from a brief conversation offering advice, community-based treatment via one-to-ones; group sessions; substitute prescribing; community or inpatient detoxification and consideration for residential rehabilitation.

Contact details are:

If you are experiencing ill health in relation to your substance misuse, please speak to your GP.

Further help and support


If you are worried about yourself or someone else, you can find help and advice, talk to FRANK