Safe places scheme

Safe Places is a scheme to help people with communication difficulties feel safe when they are out and about.

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How the Safe Places scheme works

When someone joins Safe Places they are given a card and key fob which has a dedicated telephone number and a unique reference number on.

The card will hold details of a trusted contact such as a parent or carer and information about the best way to communicate with the cardholder. For example, by speaking slowly or using sign language

If a person has been a victim of crime, is lost, feels scared or upset and does not know what to do, they can call the Safe Places number.

They can use the dedicated telephone number to contact the police control room directly. They will be asked for their reference number to help the police identify them when they call.

Safe Places buildings

They can also visit a Safe Places building for help. A Safe Place is a location where cardholders can find help and reassurance.  Safe Place buildings can be identified by the Safe Places window sticker. All police stations with enquiry offices are Safe Places.  Designated Safe Places in South Gloucestershire include the council office at Badminton road, One Stop Shops and libraries

How to apply for the scheme

The Scheme is open to anyone who has communication difficulties, such as dementia or a learning disability and frequents or resides in the Avon and Somerset force area. The Safe Places scheme has no age limit.

To sign up for the Safe Places scheme and for more information visit the Avon and Somerset police website.

Further information

Safe places national network has more information on:

  • Safe Place schemes throughout the country
  • accessing their free-to-use phone apps so that a user can quickly locate a Safe Place in time of need
  • how you can make your premises a Safe Place