Happy parent, Happy child

This article will provide information and support available for you and your child to cope with change and life after Covid. 

If you have any questions or concerns at all about your child, contact your local Health Visitor service. Your local Health Visitor service offers support for parents of all children (from pregnancy to age five), whatever their circumstances. 

Visit the Community Children’s Health Partnership website to find out how to contact your local Health Visitor.

Sessions for parents of children aged under 5

Are you having trouble finding the ‘new normal’? Are you feeling overwhelmed following the last two years of lockdowns and not being able to see friends and family? You may have had your baby during the pandemic and have not been able to meet other new parents. You are not alone.     

Would you like to talk to others who feel the same and share tips and hints to help you and your child cope with change and stressful situations and be the happiest you both can be? 

If you’re tired, stressed, or exhausted, it’s difficult to be the parent you imagined you would be. You might lack confidence to do what you did before or lack energy to start something new. But if you feel happy and well, then you’re better able to cope with stress, maintain relationships and enjoy parenthood.

Our Public Health team are holding a series of sessions for parents of children aged under 5 where you can:

  • access support and advice
  • find useful resources and activity ideas for you and your child
  • ask questions

These sessions are completely free and being held in your local children’s centre across South Gloucestershire. No need to book, but please try and come along for the whole session. Dates and times for sessions near you can be found below:

Patchway Children’s Centre

Thursday 1st Sept 2022 10.15 -11.45
Thursday 6th Oct 2022 10.15 -11.45
Thursday 3rd Nov 2022 10.15 -11.45
Thursday 1st Dec 2022 10.15 -11.45
Thursday 5 Jan 2023 10.15 -11.45
Thursday 2nd Feb 2023 10.15 -11.45
Thursday 2nd Mar 2023 10.15 -11.45

Cadbury Heath Children’s Centre

Friday 2nd Sept 2022 10.15-11.45
Friday 7th Oct 2022 10.15-11.45
Friday 4th Nov 2022 10.15-11.45
Friday 4th Dec 2022 10.15-11.45
Friday 6th Jan 2023 10.15-11.45
Friday 3rd Feb 2023 10.15-11.45
Friday 3rd Mar 2023 10.15-11.45

Staple Hill Children's Centre

Wednesday 7th Sept 2022 1.15-2.45
Friday 7th Oct 2022 10.15-11.45
Friday 4th Nov 2022 10.15-11.45
Wednesday 7th Dec 2022 1.15-2.45
Friday 6th Jan 2023 10.15-11.45
Friday 3rd Feb 2023 10.15-11.45
Wednesday 1st Mar 2023 1.15-2.45

Yate Children's Centre

Thursday 1st Sept 2022 1.15-2.45
Thursday 6th Oct 2022 1.15-2.45
Thursday 3rd Nov 2022 1.15-2.45
Thursday 1st Dec 2022 1.15-2.45
Thursday 5th Jan 2023 1.15-2.45
Thursday 2nd Feb 2023 1.15-2.45
Thursday 2nd Mar 2023 1.15-2.45

Kingswood Children's Centre

Friday 2nd Sept 2022 2.15-3.30
Friday 7th Oct 2022 2.15-3.30
Friday 4th Nov 2022 2.15-3.30
Friday 2nd Dec 2022 2.15-3.30
Friday 6th Jan 2023 2.15-3.30
Friday 3rd Feb 2023 2.15-3.30
Friday 3rd Mar 2023 2.15-3.30

Filton Children's Centre

Tuesday 6th Sept 2022 10.15-11.45
Tuesday 4th Oct 2022 10.15-11.45
Tuesday 1st Nov 2022 10.15-11.45
Tuesday 6th Dec 2022 10.15-11.45
Tuesday 3rd Jan 2023 TBC
Tuesday 7th Feb 2023 10.15-11.45
Tuesday 7th Mar 2023 10.15-11.45

Further information and support 

One You South Gloucestershire service for adults 

Our One You website includes a wide range of free mental health and emotional wellbeing support and information available for those aged over 18. 

The NHS website  

The NHS website provides information and support for your mental health including advice on mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress.  

Talking Therapies South Gloucestershire 

This service for those aged 16 and above allows you to access NHS talking therapy services within South Gloucestershire, in partnership with other providers.  You can self-refer to this service by completing an online form on the VitaMinds website

Support with mental health and wellbeing for children 

Thinking about your child’s mental health and helping them to develop their ability to cope with life’s challenges is one of the most important things you can do. For more information visit the council’s article on support with mental health and wellbeing for children.

For further advice and guidance, please take a look around the council’s Find information for adults, children and families website.