Seasonal Flu Vaccination

Getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever due to the likelihood that flu and Covid-19 will both be in circulation. You will be contacted by your GP and/or workplace if you are eligible for a flu vaccine during the 2023/24 winter season.

GPs and pharmacies still have appropriate infection control practices in place to make it safer for vulnerable people to come and get vaccinated.

You can find more information on the seasonal flu vaccination page

Vaccinations when travelling abroad

Advice for vaccinations when travelling abroad should be sought from your GP practice. To find your nearest GP please visit the NHS Choices website.

Other useful contacts are:

Childhood vaccinations

Children in the UK are offered vaccinations against a variety of diseases as part of the childhood immunisation schedule.

Advice on the vaccinations should be sought from your GP or visit the vaccination pages on the NHS website.

Vaccinations given to adults

Adults aged 70-79 are eligible for the shingles vaccine. For more information on this and other vaccinations for adults including the pneumococcal vaccine, visit Vaccinations - NHS.

Vaccinations for occupational hazards

Workers likely to be exposed to risks from needle stick injuries should be vaccinated. For more information, visit Vaccinations - NHS