Keeping you and your home safe and warm

It is important to feel safe, warm and comfortable in your home.  Keeping warm over the winter months can help to prevent colds, flu and more serious health problems. 

Things you can do to keep yourself and your home safe and warm

  • keep warm by setting your heating to the right temperature which is a recommended minimum of 18°C or 65°F
  • have a smoke alarm fitted and check the battery at least once a month. Further information is available on the Avon Fire and Rescue website
  • have your heating and cooking appliances checked regularly. Visit Age UK Gas & Electrical safety
  • have regular hot meals and drinks throughout the day and keep active to help your body stay warm
  • if you have an electric blanket, get it tested every year, replace it every ten years and check for danger signs such as frayed fabric and scorch marks
  • try to remove clutter and other trip hazards like rugs and trailing wires
  • make sure there is enough light to see, especially if you get up at night
  • consider getting and wearing a personal alarm, particularly if you live on your own
  • keep your property secure and carry out regular property maintenance .  Further information about home safety is available from Age UK Home Safety Checker
  • be alert to scams and rogue traders  You may wish to fit a door security chain to use when someone comes to your door.

Further information about home safety 

Closed Circuit TV Cameras (CCTV)
To increase home security you can fit Closed Circuit TV Cameras (CCTV) to your property.  Before purchasing any CCTV systems it is advisable to read the Government Regulations that apply to the use of Domestic CCTV.

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes
Becoming part of your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme enables you to get together with your neighbours to have a say in the issues which matter to you in your community, including crime and security issues. You can find contact details for local neighbourhood watch schemes in your area here.

Warm and Well

South Gloucestershire Council has worked with Warm and Well to provide free local home energy advice since 2001. 

Their trained energy advisors give free energy efficiency advice that will help you stay warmer and healthier in your home. This ranges from simple changes you can make, to helping you access grants for insulation or providing information about renewable technologies. 

They can help you reduce your energy bills, switch your energy tariff or supplier, and help you find local installers and tradespeople. For vulnerable people they may be able to offer a free home energy visit.

If you currently do not have central heating, or if you are struggling with fuel bills or living in a cold and damp property, Warm and Well can advise on how you may be able to get it installed for free.

Clients can be owner occupiers, private or social tenants, and support is offered with:

  • Tariff switching
  • Fuel Debt
  • Access to grants for debt relief
  • Energy efficiency at home
  • Grants for first time central heating and insulation
  • Referrals to other agencies
  • Liaising with fuel suppliers on behalf of clients

You can visit the Warm and Well website or contact them by telephone on 0800 500 3076.

Coping with cold weather 

The website GOV.UK provides advice on keeping warm and well as well as signposting to helpful resources.