South Gloucestershire Youth Award Scheme

The South Gloucestershire Youth Award scheme is aimed at young people aged 10-18.

There are three award sections:

  • Activities
  • Life Skills
  • Make a Difference

You receive a certificate for each section you complete. 


This section is about taking part in activities.  For example you could cook meals and bake, play pool or take part in a sport.  You can take part in a range of activities you do not need to stick to one.

Life Skills

In this section you can develop life skills and learn about personal and life issues.  For example you could take part in sessions where you learn about healthy relationships, how to use the internet safely or how to cook.

Make a Difference

This is the section where you get to make a change to other people’s lives. You could volunteer at your local youth centre or make changes at home such as being more helpful.

Why do a South Gloucestershire Award?

  • It is fun!
  • Recognises and rewards your achievements
  • Helps you develop a range of skills

How long will the South Gloucestershire Award take?

Each section takes 10 hours to complete.  If you complete all three sections it will take 30 hours.  There is no time limit on completing the award.

How can I get involved?

Awards are available through some South Gloucestershire Youth Centres. For further information contact