Young people's drug and alcohol support

The Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service is based within South Gloucestershire.  It is a confidential service that provides support for young people, such as :

  • someone to talk to
  • advice and information on reducing harm
  • on-going sessions to explore issues that feel difficult

If a young person is using drugs or alcohol there may be concerns around the impact it is having on school, work or college; relationships at home; decisions and behaviours that may be risky or later regretted; mental health and wellbeing or a loss of interest in activities and hobbies.

Ways to get in touch

To find out more about the help on offer and how our service can be accessed for young people resident in South Gloucestershire:

Once we have received information that a young person would like some help, one of our young people’s drug and alcohol specialists will make contact.  An appointment will be offered, either at school/college, home or somewhere else that is convenient. Appointments can also be done on telephone, or with video over MS Teams or Skype.

At this first appointment, the worker (young people's drug and alcohol specialist) will find out a bit more about what type of support the young person would like and identify some goals to work towards.  Confidentiality and how we keep information securely will be explained, and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Once a young person starts working with our service, they will meet regularly with their worker.  This can continue until the young person feels that they have met their goals or that they no longer need support.