Find secondary schools

Choosing a secondary school is an important decision that you and your child will have to make.  Before you decide on choosing a school arrange to visit your local secondary schools to get a feel for their ethos and their values. 

During the autumn term, secondary schools run open days or evenings where you and your child can visit. When visiting think about how it made you feel.  Did it make you feel positive with a welcoming atmosphere? Could your child feel happy, safe and included at the school? 

You can find out more information about the school by visiting their website and looking for their school prospectus. 

Secondary education is for students aged 11 to 16.  This includes the following school types: 

  • Middle schools - years 5 to 8

  • Secondary schools - years 7 to 11 

  • Upper schools - years 9 to 11 

  • University technical colleges (UTC) - years 9 to 11 

Specialist schools will also cover secondary ages.  

Find a secondary school 

Find a secondary school by searching our online directory.    

Please note that this is only a guide to the location of schools. It does not indicate that you can be guaranteed a place in any particular school. For details of the school admission process and the admission arrangements at individual schools see the advice on our article Apply online for a school place.