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Primary schools admissions

If your child was born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020, you must apply for them to start primary school in September 2024.  This is a very important decision and it is important that you read the South Gloucestershire Primary school admission guide before you apply.  Applications for primary school admission must be submitted no later than 15 January 2024.

If you are considering delayed admission for your summer born child, please read the section in the admissions guide entitled ‘At what age do children start school’. The guide is in the document section of this page. You should still apply for a school place during the standard application timeline for your child’s chronological age group and additionally complete the application form for delayed entry stating your reasons. The delayed entry application and information sheet are in the documents section of this page. 

South Gloucestershire Council provide impartial advice, support, guidance and information about choosing a primary school.  Remember there is no substitute for visiting the school(s) that you are considering.  We suggest that you visit potential schools before making your preferences, as there are many things to consider such as travel arrangements.  You can find your nearest primary schools on our schools directory. Please note, the distance shown is only intended as a guide and the actual distance used to process your application is measured in a direct line between the address point of the child’s home and a central point within the main school buildings using the Local Authority’s computerised mapping system.

Once you have read the primary school admission guide, you can either apply online or download and print the form. For more information about the online process please read the Apply online for a school place page.

It is important that you submit your application on time.  Applications received after the closing date of the 15 January 2024 will only be looked at after the national offer day, which is the 16 April 2024.

Information following National Offer Day

Accepting the offered place

Will be updated for National Offer Day.

Preferred school not offered

Will be updated for National Offer Day.

South Gloucestershire admission authority schools:

Will be updated for National Offer Day.

Academies and Voluntary Aided schools:


Will be updated for National Offer Day.

Voluntary Aided Schools

Will be updated for National Offer Day.

Further information

You can contact the Admissions and Transport Team, South Gloucestershire Council for further information on any of the above.

Email:  or telephone 01454 868008.