Youth awards

Below is a summary of the accredited awards available from South Gloucestershire Council to recognise young people’s achievements in informal settings such as youth centres.

South Gloucestershire Youth Award

  • Age range: 10-18
  • Time commitment: 3 x 10 hours units

What is involved:

There are three award sections: Activities, Life Skills and Make a difference. You receive a certificate for each section you complete.

South Gloucestershire Volunteering Award

  • Age range: 11-25
  • Time commitment: 15, 30 or 50 hours

What is involved: 

This award involves volunteering your time for the benefit of others or taking part in community projects. You receive a certificate after completing 15, 30 and 50 hours of volunteering.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

  • Age range: 14-24
  • Time commitment: At least six months depending on the level

What is involved: 

There are 3 levels of the award:  Bronze, Silver and Gold. At Bronze and Silver there are four sections: Skill, Physical, Volunteering and the Expedition. At Gold there is the additional section of the Residential. The Skill, Physical and Volunteering section each require a commitment of an hour each week.

ASDAN Short Course Awards

  • Age range: 13-19
  • Time commitment: At least 10 hours

What is involved:

ASDAN Awards are an activity based program aimed at developing a large range of skills. There are over 30 different courses to choose from including Animal Care, Sports and Fitness, Foodwise and Hair and Beauty. The short courses provide an opportunity to develop knowledge in a chosen area.