Breakthrough mentoring referral

How do I make a referral to Breakthrough Mentoring?

You will need to complete our referral form to make a referral to our team.

To make a referral to our team, return the completed referral form to:

If you would like to speak to Breakthrough Mentoring call: 01454 864449.

What happens when you make a referral?

When we receive a referral, our co-ordinators review the form and contact the person who made the referral, or other professional named in the referral to discuss how we may be able to give support.

How Breakthrough Mentoring is funded

Breakthrough Mentoring supports people of all ages with a variety of different needs. Each placement needs to be funded for us to provide support and there are a variety of methods. We can:

  • support individuals as part of their direct payment allowance, through a service level agreement or contract with commissioning departments, or through organisations, schools and academies
  • arrange individual payment if you are self-funding

How long do I have to wait after my referral?

As our service is bespoke and matched to the individual, therefore waiting times may vary accordingly. Each mentee is matched to a mentor, based on their personality, interests, individual needs and mentor availability.