Support from providers and personal assistants

If the person you care for has a provider arranged by the Council to visit them at home or in the community, it may be possible for the provider to make extra visits if you cannot provide the care you usually do.  In this scenario call the social work team:

01454 868007 for an adult or

01454 868008 if you are caring for a disabled child under 18.  

If the person you care for has a Direct Payment to arrange care themselves from a provider or Personal Assistant, the contingency balance for the Direct Payment may be used to purchase additional support during the time that you cannot provide the care that you normally do. Often, you as the carer will be nominated by the person you care for to help manage their Direct Payment, or you may receive the Direct Payment on the cared for person's behalf.  The person who receives the Direct Payment can use their contingency budget to purchase extra support if needed, short term, as they see fit, though if it’s a longer-term issue they will need to consult their social worker.  

If the cared for person has a Direct Payment, they may have a Direct Payment Support provider involved that can give advice and help plan for situations such as providers not turning up, or a Personal Assistant being sick. In an emergency the Direct Payment Support provider will be able to give you advice and talk through options.   You can find further information about Direct Payments in our article Personal budgets and direct payments.

Whether the Council arranges the care, or there is a Direct Payment, the care and support plan agreed with their social worker will contain a section about contingency planning.