Home care

If you find personal care or practical daily tasks such as domestic chores difficult because of illness or mobility issues, home care can help.

Home care can also help you increase your level of independence with everyday tasks at home meaning that you can eventually do these tasks by yourself.

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How to help yourself

If you find it difficult to manage at home, you may find it helpful to make a list of tasks that you need help with and why you are unable to do them by yourself.

You can then consider purchasing home care privately by contacting a suitable provider. You can find information on homecare providers on the Care Quality Commission’s website or discuss the possibility of receiving help from friends or family members.

If you no longer feel confident preparing meals, you could have a hot meal delivered by the community meals service, or you may wish to buy frozen ready meals and have them delivered.  The meals can then be heated in an oven or microwave information on meals in your community and shopping independently.

The Disabled Living Foundation is a charity that provides impartial advice and information for living independently and also details of equipment to help make everyday tasks easier.    By using certain equipment to help you with a task that you would normally find difficult can help you to regain your independence.

Equipment and adaptations

South Gloucestershire Council’s occupational therapy service can work with you to help you find easier ways of doing certain tasks and provide equipment specially designed to tackle practical problems.  You can refer yourself to a social care occupational therapist and request equipment, visit our Equipment to help with daily tasks pages for more information and to check if we can help. 

Assistive technology

Assistive technology refers to devices or systems that support a person to maintain or improve their independence, safety and wellbeing.  This can range from basic devices to environmental controls giving you access to all electrical devices within the home.  Read our article on Assistive Technology.

If you feel you need further help

If you do not feel confident with finding help for yourself, contact us to request help to put this in place, visit the Your care and support needs pages for further information.

Support is based on your eligibility via the Care Act and the criteria based on meeting your needs

If you are eligible for support from the council, a social worker can create a Care Plan for you outlining the type of tasks you need help with.

Cost of home care

For care arranged by the council you can use our care cost calculator to get an estimate of how much you may need to contribute towards your care costs

If you are eligible, government benefit Attendance Allowance could help towards the cost of your care.  Find out more at GOV.UK.

Other support in your home

If you find it difficult to maintain your home or garden, the council’s Handy Van service can help with minor home maintenance tasks. They can also provide some help in the garden.  Contact the Handy Van service on 01454 863857.

You can also look for support from companies who provide home help, gardening and house maintenance services.  Age UK can help you to do this or you could ask family or friends for recommendations of companies who could help.  Local shops and libraries may also have adverts for companies that offer these services. 

Further information

If you are worried that you or somebody else may be being harmed or is at risk of harm, read the article What to do if you are concerned about someone else's safety.