Increasing confidence

If you feel you have lost confidence in being able to carry out everyday tasks at home, there are services that can help you to become more independent.

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Aids and adaptations

Many aids now exist that could help you with tasks at home such as kitchen equipment to make cooking easier and items such as shower stools and other bathroom equipment. These are often available at high street outlets.   These aids could help you to become more independent with tasks so that you feel confident to carry them out in your home, without the need for someone to help you.

Another option to consider is an adaptation to your home, such as installing a wet room to make bathing safer. To find out about adaptations or equipment contact South Gloucestershire Council to arrange for an occupational therapist to assess you on 01454 868007 or by email   You can read more about adaptations to your home.

The reablement service and how to access it

Reablement means learning or re-learning the day-to-day skills needed to encourage
self-confidence, support independence and promote healthy living.

The aim of the reablement service is to help you continue living as independently as
possible in your own home or with family.

The reablement Service is designed to:

  • support increasing independence with day to day tasks such as personal care, drink and meal preparation, our page Meals in your Community will provide information about this.
  • find and establish sustainable solutions to support practical tasks such as shopping, cleaning and gardening, shopping independently.  Information on organisations providing cleaning and gardening services can be found on the Wellaware directory.
  • support and initiate social goals involving friends, family, local community groups, volunteer organisations.  These can be found on the Wellaware directory.

To be considered for the reablement service, you will need to have an assessment
to see if you are eligible for the service. This assessment will determine whether you have achievable goals and that you will engage with the reablement service to achieve
them. During the period of the reablement it is expected that the number and length of
visits will reduce as your goals are achieved.

Community rehabilitation (Rehab)

Community rehabilitation is a service that enables you to regain independence through a planned programme of therapy. The service provides tailored therapy that will help you overcome your obstacles and return to society.

If you have been ill or injured for a while you may find it helpful to work with the Community Rehabilitation team who can help you become more independent.  You can ask to be referred to this service by contacting your GP.

The cost of reablement and community rehabilitation (rehab)

Reablement is provided free for usually between 1 - 6 weeks depending on your reablement goals.  After this time, the service becomes chargeable. Towards the end of your reablement you will be reviewed by a social worker.  They will discuss your progress and what your ongoing needs will be, if any.

If you would like to be referred for this service, contact the South Gloucestershire Adult Care duty desk 01454 868007 email on

Community Rehab services are provided through your local Community Health Service.  The service is normally provided for a maximum of 6 weeks and is normally free. The service can offer specialist advice and equipment to help you improve your balance and strength. 

For further information on accessing these services, speak to your GP surgery or health care professional. They can refer you to the correct service on your behalf and advise you of any costs involved.