Healthy relationships for adults

Healthy relationships are  all about respecting each other.  They should be equal, enjoyable, supportive, safe and free from pressure or violence.  However, sometimes in a relationship a person may feel under pressure to do things they do not want to do or make decisions they do not want to make.  These could be signs that the relationship is unhealthy.  At times it can be difficult to understand what is and isn't acceptable behaviour in a relationship.

Domestic abuse

If you, or someone you know, is affected by domestic abuse you can find information about the support services available and places to go to for help on our Domestic Abuse webpage.

It's really important to remember that whatever your circumstances, what is happening to you isn't your fault and help is available.  Domestic violence and abuse isn't acceptable and the victim is never to blame.

What to do in an emergency

If  you, or someone you know, are being threatened or are in danger, you should immediately phone the police (999).

If you feel the situation is not an emergency but you need advice you can contact the police on the non-emergency enquiries phone line: 101

What to do if you have experienced sexual assault or rape

You can find an extensive list of places to go to for help on our Domestic Abuse webpage.

If you have experienced sexual assault or rape there are people who can provide support, advice and a safe place to go.  

  • The Survivor Pathway is an online resource for anyone wanting to know more about specialist sexual violence support services in the South West.  You can find information by visiting the website.

What to do if you are concerned about your own behaviour in a relationship or someone else's

If you have concerns about your own behaviour or someone else's it is important to have someone to talk to about what is happening in the relationship.

Respect Phoneline provide a confidential helpline, email and webchat service to anyone who is concerned about their use of violence and abuse towards their partner, and for those supporting them including friends or family members.  Respect Phoneline support and advise people from anywhere in the UK.

You can contact them via:

  • Phone: 0808 8024040
    Monday - Thursday 10am-8pm and Friday 10am-5pm
    Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones within the UK.  You can also call free from a BT pay phone.
  • Email:
  • Webchat Support: available Thursday 2pm-4pm by clicking on the 'webchat' button on the webpage.