Staying safe when you go out

Being part of the community is an important step in preparing for your adulthood. It can give you a sense of being independent from your family, help develop your confidence so that you can make new friends and have things to do locally.  

It’s important to feel safe and supported when you are going out. 

You may be able to go with a friend or someone you know. If not, here are some simple things you can do to help stay safe:

  • plan where you are going

  • plan how you are getting there, the type of transport you will take

  • take a mobile phone and the phone number of someone you trust so you can contact them if you need help

  • take some money in case you need to make a phone call from a public phone

  • take only the money you expect to need with you, keep some in your wallet or purse and some in your pocket

  • if you have a personal attack alarm then take it with you

  • keep your personal belongings in a safe place, like your bag

  • if you are meeting someone for the first time, arrange for a friend or family member to call you at a certain time

  • tell someone you trust where you are going and what time you will be home

Safe Places Scheme

Safe places is a scheme to help people who have difficulty communicating to feel safe when they are out and about.

Once you have joined, you can call the Safe Places number if you find yourself in a crisis, such as being lost, feeling scared or upset, and not knowing what to do, or if you have been a victim of crime.

The card will hold details of a trusted contact such as a parent or carer and information about the best way to communicate with the cardholder. For example by speaking slowly or using sign language. More details about the scheme and how to apply is available from the Avon & Somerset Constabulary.

Further information

We have information on keeping safe in easy read format, as well as various webpages on our Children's Partnership Board website.