Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol treatment

Alcohol is widely consumed, particularly in social environments. However, some people may find their alcohol use has increased to a level which is causing them or others around them problems or concern.

If you need support with your use of alcohol, free and confidential help, advice, support and treatment is available in South Gloucestershire from our Drug and Alcohol Service.

Developing Health and Independence (DHI)

Developing Health and Independence (DHI) are the South Gloucestershire alcohol and drug treatment providers. Their services are available to all residents with support for any adults who need help or advice around their use of alcohol and/or drugs.

Support is available either in person, over the phone or digitally. Self-referrals, as well as referrals from professionals, are welcome. People will be contacted by phone within 15 working days of their referral but often this is much sooner.

The DHI triage team will complete a confidential assessment over the phone and ensure that access to the right support is put in place as soon as possible.

Contact details are:

(DHI) assessments and referrals

In order to assess what help is needed, an alcohol worker will offer confidential support and advice, usually over the phone although in person meetings are available if required. A range of programmes and services are available meeting individual needs. These can be:

  • identification and brief advice on stopping or reducing the amount of alcohol you drink
  • digital applications for you to access online
  • telephone support if you need it
  • signposting to services or GP practitioners who may be able to help
  • detoxification and rehabilitation can be discussed, although this is more likely to form part of a managed care plan.

Support offered can range from a brief one-off chat through to structured treatment, if that is what best suits your need.

Contact with your alcohol worker will most likely be by telephone, although in person meetings can be facilitated where necessary.

In order for your individual needs to be met, please advise the DHI triage coordinator of anything that you feel will help support you.

If you are experiencing ill health in relation to your alcohol misuse, please speak to your GP.

Further help and support

One You South Gloucestershire

For ideas on ways to reduce your drinking and access to self-help tools, visit the One You Drinkless page or call the One You South Glos team on tel:01454865337.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous provide information on how to reach out to them, you can also find a local meeting to support you or someone you are concerned about. 

Smart recovery 

SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is a programme that provides training and tools for people who want to change their problematic behaviour, including addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, food, shopping, Internet and others. You can find out more about SMART recovery at our treatment centre or they also provide online meetings.


If you are a professional and have a query about training or require any resources, please call the One You South Glos team on  01454 865337 or email