Things to consider when leaving or arriving in South Gloucestershire

The decision to move area can be made for many reasons: to be closer to family, for work, or the desire for a change of scenery or different pace of life.

People with care and support needs will sometimes want to move to a new area, just like anyone else.

This article covers the things you need to think about when arranging to move into South Gloucestershire or are leaving the area for somewhere else within England.


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General advice for moving between areas

There are a few general things to consider when moving from one area to another. You need to think about environment and the neighbourhood you will be moving into.

Questions to ask yourself or others could include:

  • What is the access like? Are there good transport links?
  • Is it an area where there is lots of noise, such as one near to pubs, or a town centre?
  • How populated is the area?
  • What is the average age of the community?
  • Do you have a disability or care and support needs, and how will these be met in your new area?

Once you have moved to a new area, it can be useful to explore your surroundings and get involved in activities within your local community. This can help you avoid feeling isolated. Even if you cannot travel far, it can be easy to get to know those living closest to you, such as your neighbours. You might find you do not have to venture as far out as you thought. Give yourself time to adjust, and try to maintain contact with friends and family you may have moved away from.

If you are moving into the South Gloucestershire area, our articles on Activities for adults and Supporting your community may be useful.

This website Find information for adults, children and families is another good resource for information on local support and activities that are available.

If you are a family that has a child or young person with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND), you can find out about help and support available by visiting our Local Offer.


Care and support needs

If you are getting care and support from one council in England and you move to another area, you can carry on getting care from the day you arrive.

The Care Act supports people to move between local authority areas in England, without suffering a gap in the care they need. This is called ‘continuity of care’.

If you are moving away from South Gloucestershire

Contact the council for the area you are moving to and let them know that you will need care. You can ask someone else to do this for you. Your new council will then contact South Gloucestershire Council.

South Gloucestershire Council will send your new council:

  • your care and support plan
  • your carer's support plan if they are moving with you
  • any other information relating to you or your carer

Your new council will then talk to you before you move about the support you and your carer may need. They may visit you in your new home to see if your needs have changed after moving.

If you are not sure which council you need to speak to, the NHS website has an online search facility to identify which one is responsible for providing social care in your new area.

If you are moving into South Gloucestershire

If you are moving from another area in England into South Gloucestershire please contact the Council’s Adult Care Customer Service desk on 01454 868007 or by email

Care and support for children with a special educational need or disability

If you are planning to move into or out of the area and your child has an education health and care plan (EHCP), you may want to know how you will get a new education placement or school named in your child’s EHCP. You may also need to find what services are available to you and your child before moving. Our article Moving to or from the area if you have a child with a special educational need or disability provides information about this.


Health services

If you move areas you will usually need to register with new health providers such as a GP (general practitioner). You can find information about registering for GP services on the NHS website.

The online NHS service finder helps you locate your nearest NHS services such as dentists, pharmacies, opticians, and hospitals. You can also access this using the below tool:

You can also search the Care Quality Commission website for ratings information about local services such as dentists, GPs and hospitals.