Relationships matter

When two people share responsibility for a child, no matter whether they are still together or separated, the relationship between them has a direct impact on the well-being and outcomes of their children.  Whether you’re together or separated, the way you and your partner communicate can impact on your children.

Conflict is a normal part of any parent relationship.

It only starts to become a problem when conflict is frequent, intense and not resolved well. The latest research tells us that conflict is harmful to children and affects their mental health, behaviour and success at school.

This page is for parents whether together, separated or considering separation, who want to find ways to improve their relationship and get on better.

It is also for professionals across South Gloucestershire who are supporting parents to reduce conflict.

Parental Conflict or Domestic Abuse?

Parental conflict and domestic abuse are two separate things, but it can sometimes be difficult to work out if your relationship is abusive or just in a bad place.  

As a general guide, if your relationship with your partner, ex-partner or a member of your family is abusive:

  • they will want to hold all the power and control
  • you might be fearful of them
  • their abuse will have happened more than once, or you will notice patterns

Useful resources

Click - Relationship support from experts and the community

Click is a unique online service providing early intervention relationship support. Individuals, couples, families, and professionals can use Click to access helpful, evidence-based support from a secure, mobile-friendly space.

Getting on Better Cards

Getting On Better cards is a really useful resource for Families and Professionals produced by Brighton and Hove Council but can be used by anyone. 

Relation Kit

Everyone needs a hand with their relationship sometimes. Add kids into the mix, and there can be lots of extra pressure on you both, as you juggle looking after yourselves and your little (and not so little) ones.  Explore the Relation Kit website to find content on some really common things like struggling to communicate well with your partner, raising kids together, and parenting after break-up.

See it differently - Communication skills for parents, co-created with Good Things Foundation.

When parents argue, they don’t always see how it affects their children. This collection of videos and animations from See it differently helps parents see family arguments from their children’s point of view and offers alternative ways of handling disagreements. 

Parental Conflict Toolkit

Parental conflict toolkit – Race Equality Foundation is a learning resource for public health nurses and other professionals working with families. The aim is to reduce health inequalities and improve health and wellbeing for children, through reducing parental conflict.

Tavistock Relationships – Between Us app

“Between Us” is an app designed to help you have a better relationship with your partner now or in the future.

The app provides individuals and couples with a range of exercises, tips, videos and information. It allows you to better understand what’s going wrong in your relationship and do something about it.

Please follow the link below as this will take you to the South Gloucestershire “landing page” which gives best access to the app as a South Gloucestershire user.

Online courses for parents/carers

Me You and Baby Too

Designed to help new parents transition into parenthood and feel better prepared to cope with the pressures and challenges a baby can bring.

How to argue better

Equips parents with knowledge and understanding about parental conflict such as the causes of conflict, the difference between constructive and destructive conflict, and the impact on children.

Getting it right for children

Focusing on supporting separated parents to reduce conflict, develop positive communication and cooperation and encourage a focus on working together for their child(ren).

To access any of these courses and to register for free visit the Parent guide for England website  and click on the South Gloucestershire tab.