Annual NHS Health Checks for people aged over 14 years with a learning disability

People aged 14 years or over with a learning disability may be entitled to a free annual NHS health check.

This is a chance to talk to your doctor about any health worries you or your family have and for the doctor to spot and treat any health problems early.

Our local Integrated Care Board and Brandon Trust have created a video which explains what an annual health check is and why it is important:

How to get an annual health check if you have a learning disability

To be eligible for the annual health check you will need to join your GP surgery's learning disability register

Mencap's website has Easy Read information on what a learning disability register is. 

Joining the register means you can get help to make an appointment to see the GP, and also help to understand what the GP says and what the information means.

You can find extra things to support you in the 'Documents' area on the right hand side of this page. 

People with a learning disability may find it hard to know when they are unwell, or to tell someone about it.

Healthwatch South Gloucestershire have put together a checklist to complete ahead of an annual health check, to help people with a learning disability and their carers make the most of the process. 

What happens after an annual health check

The health check could lead to having a Health Action Plan, that can be used to shape health outcomes in a young person’s Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). A health action plan tells tells you what services and support you need to live a healthy life.

You can find Easy Read information about Health Action Plans on Mencap's website.

If someone has a mild learning disability they may not be eligible to have an EHCP.

Further information

The following resources about annual health checks may also be useful: