National child measurement programme

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is a mandatory public health programme delivered every year.

Each year primary school children in reception and year six are offered the opportunity to have their height and weight measured as part of this nationwide programme.

All South Gloucestershire parents and carers whose children take part in the programme will receive the results of their children's height and weight by letter. Alongside this will be information about healthy eating, being active and related activities available in the area.

For more information about this programme please visit the NHS website.

Understanding the measurements

To help understand whether your child is within a healthy weight range for their age and height and to see how they are growing over time, you can insert your children's measurements (and the date these were taken) into the healthy weight calculator on the child health page within the NHS website.

For more information on the measurements and the measurement process, please see this example of some frequently asked questions and comments.

Below are services available in South Gloucestershire to maintain a healthy and active life for you and your family:

  • Come along to our free, 12 week, Healthy Weight Programme for Families. The programme aims to support aspects of health and wellbeing for the whole family and includes a range of activities for everyone such as swimming and climbing to soft play and junior gym. To find out more visit the OneYou website.

  • Visit the Community Children’s Health partnership website for a wealth of information and learn more about the support available

  • Open spaces - South Gloucestershire has a number of play areas and skate parks that include a range of facilities as well as plenty of opportunity to use up some energy.

  • Family activities - there are a number of family fun activities such as wildlife walks and bat walks.

For further information - you may like to look at the NHS Better health, healthier families website and the NHS website for the National Child Measurement programme.