Join the children's disability register

If you have a child aged 0-18 with a disability you may find it helpful to join ‘The Network’, South Gloucestershire’s children's disability register.    

The Network is a voluntary register of children with disabilities that every council must have and keep up to date under the Children’s Act 1989. It is free to join but you can choose if you would like to be included. 

This register helps the council understand what services and support may be needed. 

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How the children’s disability network works 

The Network is a secure database of names, addresses and other details of disabled children and young people aged 0 -18 years who live in South Gloucestershire. 

Signing up to this network is not linked in any way to applying for Carers and disability benefits or a blue badge.  

You may want to sign up to the register if your child has additional care needs. This may be because they have a:  

  • physical disability 

  • learning disability 

  • sensory or communication impairment 

  • disability that causes behaviour that challenges at home or school 

  • complex health needs 

  • disabling condition that requires treatment over a long period  

You do not have to sign up to the Network. If you do, however, you will receive information about activities, play schemes and service developments. Your child’s name will automatically be removed from the register when they are 18.   

Families on the Network will receive a SEND registration card (formally known as the pink card). This may allow carers free or reduced cost entry to some attractions, activities and events. When you visit places show your registration card to the organisation and ask if they have concessions for carers.    

How to apply to The Network 

To apply to join the Children’s Disability Network you can download and complete the network application form and email to 

If you do not have access to email, you can post it to: 

0-25 Disability Team (The Network)
South Gloucestershire Council 
Council Offices 
Badminton Road 
BS37 5AF 

You can also write to this address to notify a change of address, or to remove your child’s details at any time. This will not affect your rights to services.  

The council may use your details to:  

  • involve you in the development of services 

  • keep you informed of new services  

  • create anonymous statistics 

We will never publish information that can identify you or your child. The Network adheres to GDPR principles.  

Adults registering as disabled  

Some adults can register their disability with the council.  

This may be because they want to apply for a blue badge.  

Read more about adults registering as disabled.