SENsational learning ideas newsletter for parents and carers

In March 2020, Integra Schools and South Gloucestershire Council launched the first issue in short series of newsletters to support parents and carers with learning at home for children.

These were originally issued to support remote learning during Covid.  We are aware that there are still occasions when some pupils may need to learn at home.  The ideas in these newsletters can be used to support pupils who may need to learn at home for a period.  The resources in each newsletter are based around a theme.

You can catch up on all the issues of the SENsational newsletter below:

Issue 1 - March 2020 - Overview of home learning.

Issue 2 - April 2020. Attachments include Egg Activities and a Weekly Online Activities timetable.

Issue 3 - April 2020 - Rainbows.  Attachments include a rainbow activity sheet and advice for supporting your child with writing.

Issue 4 - May 2020 - The Sky's the Limit.  Attachments include 10 offline fun activities, supporting your child with maths, a house full of maths resources, and space planets symbol based learning.

Issue 5 - May 2020 - Keep Smiling.

Issue 6 - May 2020 - Families.

Issue 7 - May 2020 - Journeys.

Issue 8 - June 2020 - Summer.  Attachments include Coronavirus back to school social story.

Issue 9 - June 2020 - Creativity

Issue 10 - June 2020 - Growing. Attachments include letter from Vicky Ford MP

Issue 11 - June 2020 - A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Issue 12 - July 2020 - Reconnecting