Early help vision and strategy 2019-2024

Early Help means getting timely and effective support to children, young people and families who need it. It aims to enable children to flourish and to enhance long term outcomes and life chances.

Early Help refers both to help in the critical years of a child’s life (including pre-birth and pregnancy) and also to responding as soon as possible, at any age, through childhood and adolescence when difficulties emerge.

We aim to build a culture together where children, young people and families are engaged in conversations when things are not going well, or where there may be a risk of problems arising, working alongside those families and empowering them to find their own solutions. 

These conversations can occur at any time and in any setting and may involve one or a number of services or agencies. The help that is offered will range from giving advice to direct work and will require strong commitment, a common purpose and common ways of working across the partnership.